Pull and Peel

We have attained wide reputation in the market by developing best quality Pull and Peel

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Technical Specification
  • Pull ‘n’ Peel inner seals are the solution for hard to open containers.
  • Pull ‘n’ Peel inner seals can seal any plastic bottle surface; polyethylene, polyest, PVC, polystyrene and can be used with either dry or liquid content containers.
  • Some of the seals are really difficult to break. Some times it happens that you may brake your nail but not the seal. You might have spoiled your cloths in some occasions while opening the bottles.
  • “Pull n Peel” is the most suitable option for such applications.
  • In pull n peel seal induction liners a pull tab is attached for easy removal of the seal. The sealing laminate is selected in such a way that it peels off very easily.
  • The suitable applications are Juice, ketchup, dairy products and food stuff applications.