Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems

CSM offers liquid nitrogen dosing system with frost-free operation, corrosion resistant material, and highly compatible with new generation controllers to suit low to high production line speeds

LN2 Dosing

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing for food and beverage inerting and pressurization has a history rooted in the advancements. The application of LN2 in the food and beverage industry emerged as a means to enhance product quality, extend shelf life, and improve production processes.

  • Inerting: Displacement of oxygen with inert gas, is one of the key benefits of LN2 dosing. By introducing LN2 into food and beverage packaging or storage containers, oxygen levels are reduced, creating an oxygen-free environment. This helps preserve the freshness, flavor, and overall quality of the products, extending their shelf life.
  • Pressurization: The rapid evaporation and expansion of LN2 within a closed container generate pressure. This pressure can be precisely controlled to achieve desired effects in various applications. It effectively improves stacking capabilities, and reinforces the structural integrity of the containers, compensating for the thinner walls and preventing them from collapsing or deforming when stacked during transportation and storage.
  • Lightweighting: The internal pressure generated by the expansion of liquid nitrogen allows for the reduction of material thickness while maintaining the container's structural integrity. This lightweighting approach reduces the environmental impact by using fewer raw materials and decreases shipping costs, contributing to overall sustainability in product packaging.
How it Works

LN2 is supplied to the doser through a vacuum-insulated pipe, flowing into the dosing head. A sensor detects the presence of a container and sends pulses to the controller. The controller then commands the dosing head to dispense the necessary amount of LN2 into the container. The LN2 droplets rapidly evaporate and expand by 700 times, transforming into gaseous N2 equivalent. This process fills the container's headspace with inert GN2 at the desired pressure.

Application Benefits
Container Rigidity :

LN2 dosing greatly enhances the strength of bottles or cans, effectively eliminating paneling issues, especially during hot filling processes.

Container Light-weighting : Reduce packaging cost and environmental impact
Oxygen Exclusion : Minimize residual oxygen in product headspace to prevent product oxidation
Extend Product Shelf Life : Oxygen exclusion in product packaging allows extended product shelf life
Inerting Headspace : Increase inerting efficiency and effectiveness compared to inert gas flushing in MAP
Nitro-infused Beverage : Nitro-infusion gives the drink its thick and creamy texture, enhancing the mouthfeel and flavor
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