Rotary Monoblock Weigh-Metric Filler Machine

We have attained wide reputation in the market by developing best quality Rotary Monoblock Weigh-Metric Filler Machine

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Technical Specification

Rotary Monoblock Weigh-Metric Filler Machine

  • Applications- Oils
  • Directly integrated Drive (No belts no chais).
  • Tool less change over, quick change over.
  • Facility for simultaneous adjustment of volumes on all cylinders.
  • Covers and sjirting labyrinth design for avoiding leakness (no seals).
  • Modular design, capacity 500gms to 5kg. (can be customized for higher pack sizes).
  • Smooth drains (curved not square or V shaped).
  • Life time lubricated bearings – daily lubrication not required.
  • PLC controlled, large size touch screen on operator panel.
  • Plug and play load cell modules (no external PCBs).
  • Motorized up and down movement o tank along with nozzles.
  • Floor below thw machine accessible for cleaning.
  • Nozzles can be indexed upto 30 degree to facilitate container mouth change, drip free nozzle.
  • Dimensions 3000*3000*2400.