Two Sided with Wrap around Labelling Machine

We have attained wide reputation in the market by developing best quality Two Sided with Wrap around Labelling Machine

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Technical Specification
  • Precise labelling of single side or double side simultaneously on various types & shape of container.
  • Specific module provided for proper & accurate spacing & aligning of containers to facilitate labelling.
  • Machines suitable to accommodate various size of containers without any change parts.
  • Machine Direction: LHS TO RHS
  • Conveyor Height : 900MM±50MM
  • Overhead stabilizing unit with spring loaded cushioning mechanism to adjust product height variation in online production.
  • Additional Wrap Around attachment for applying labels on 500ml and 1ltr round PET Bottle.
  • No Bottle – No label
  • Auto label calibration in label scanning mode
  • Motorized belt or a chain spacer for product spacing in both off and on line Feeding of products for labelling.